Feeling Down in Lockdown?

As the new year has ushered in yet more restrictions it’s been all too easy – and even natural – to feel dispirited. Gone is the sense of novelty and the willingness to ‘make do’ that might have accompanied Lockdown 1 in March 2020 while October’s Lockdown 2 did at least come with a 4-week time limit. Now here we are again and, for all the promise of the vaccine roll-out, it’s hard to envisage an end in sight.

Although we now know what Lockdown entails, each of us in our own way also knows many of the difficulties we are going to have to face: the monotony of days barely distinguishable one from another; the challenge of maintaining boundaries between office/school and domestic life when everyone is cooped up in the same space, not to mention trying to manage one’s own and everyone else’s frustrations; and, for those who live alone, the absence of others with whom to interact – even if not shielding or self-isolating – can sap one’s energy and the motivation to keep going.

So what can we do to help ourselves? One thing is to reach out to others by exchanging a few words with those, such as the cashier when doing your ‘essential’ shopping, you can meet. Even better is to find someone, not part of your immediate situation, who you can trust and with whom you can unburden yourself by sharing your thoughts, feelings, doubts and fears. I can be that someone for you and I know from experience what a positive difference talking about what you are going through can make.

Contact me, Tamar Posner, and let’s together explore the ways in which you can better sail these troubled waters.

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