My story

As you will doubtless already know from experience, one of life’s most important lessons is that everything changes and nothing stays the same.

My personal journey to becoming a psychotherapist in London is an example of this and has taught me many things – not least that loss can also present opportunity.

A devastating event

Six months after I had turned 50 and was at the height of my former career, I was called into a meeting one day, told that I was now ‘surplus to requirements’ – and made redundant.

I was devastated. In a stroke my identity, my sense of purpose and everything I thought I knew about myself had been snatched from me; I felt as though I’d been mugged.

The four years it took me to come to terms with what had happened were really difficult. With no job to go to, I struggled to get up in the morning as I no longer had a reason to do so; meanwhile all my friends and former colleagues were at work, so a key source of social contact was missing from my life. I felt isolated and cut off from the world.

Becoming a psychotherapist

Thankfully, I eventually realised that there was now nothing preventing me from doing what I had wanted to do for many years – train as a psychotherapist. I went on to do exactly that, the loss of one occupation presenting me with the opportunity to follow – and positively enjoy – an immensely rewarding new career.

While my own story is unique in its detail, in the course of our lives, we are all continuously transitioning between identities. Some transitions – such as from childhood, through adolescence to adulthood – occur naturally and almost imperceptibly but the implications of others – such as retirement/redundancy, accident or ill health – can come upon us with little or no apparent warning and leave us feeling shaken. And if you are one of the more than 15 million people aged over 60 in the UK today – a number that is set to rise in the years to come – you may well find grappling with the transitions associated with this phase of life particularly difficult.

Thus, whether due to age or circumstance, over time you will find yourself transitioning between identities and taking on new challenges – and this is where, with my extensive experience helping people come to terms with the natural processes of ageing, transition and change, I could be of assistance to you.

Get in touch with me, Tamar Posner, and discover more about how I, as a psychotherapist, could help you. Click through for more information about my approach to psychotherapy, or call 07710 01 99 33 for an appointment.

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