Explore your inner resources for coping with life’s pressures

I’m an integrative psychotherapist and I believe passionately that psychotherapy has lasting benefits and the potential to support and enable us to live a fulfilling life. Everyone is different but we all want to be understood, appreciated, and feel a sense of belonging and connection.

My aim is to help you make tangible changes that will positively impact your way of being, in relation to yourself, others and your wider world.

Areas of life I work with


Many of us struggle with change, especially as the prompt for a change can catch us unawares or be traumatic.


Our relationships with people – parents, children, friends, partners, colleagues – are an essential aspect of what it is to be human and key to our wellbeing.


Are you considering coming to therapy because you feel dissatisfied and believe there must be more to life?

and Loss

Each of us experiences grief in our own way and at our own pace.


You may be seeking therapy because external events have brought you to a crisis point in your life.

Exhaustion &
Loss of Creativity

The potential to be creative is innate in all of us – without the capacity to be creative, we would not have survived.

Helping you to cope with life's pressures

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